We're proud of what we've accomplished since our founding in 1997.
  • 2006 NAS Report on the Status of Pollinators in North America.
  • 2006 U.S. Postal Service Pollination Stamp Series.
  • First-Ever Pollinator Conservation and Research Provisions in 2008 Farm Bill and Programs.
  • Pollinator Protection MOU’s with 10 Federal Agencies Managing or Influencing 2 Billion Acres.
  • Pollinator Protection MOU with National Association of Conservation Districts.
  • National Pollinator Week, Federal and State Levels.
  • Pollinator Advocate Awards—General and Farmer-Rancher.
  • Funding for Pollinator Research; and Support for Federal Funding.
  • Number of Initiatives Underway and Planned [Federal Executive Order, Transportation Reauthorization, Pesticide Applicators Brochure, etc]
  • NAPPC was selected as a 2008 PESP Champion by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its accomplishments that year.
The Pollinator Awards are an important part of an international effort to promote public awareness about pollinators – birds, bees, bats, butterflies, beetles, and other pollinating animals that enable the reproduction of over 75 percent of flowering plants, accounting for as much as one-third of the nation’s food supply.
More information about the Awards is available at
Ecoregional Guides, “Selecting Plants for Pollinators,” are available for 31 ecoregions in the U.S. These guides are practical tools for farmers, ranchers, gardeners and public and private land managers who want to share their landscapes by establishing habitat for pollinators through native plants that are specific to their own region. The guides are available for free at All users need is their zip code, and an online Zip Code Habitat Locator will connect them to their map and guide.