Bee Friendly Farming

Bee Friendly Farming works with farmers and beekeepers to improve the health of honey bees and support native pollinators. We foster awareness and support for providing increased availability of flowering plants to honey bees and native pollinators.

  • Educates the public about the importance of bees and how to help support bee friendly farmers by purchasing their locally produced food.

  • Partners with local conservation districts in workshops for landholders interested in increasing forage value for pollinator and honey bee nutrition.

  • Partners with beekeeping industry leaders in support of state and national policies and programs to improve honey bee health, including technical and financial assistance to help growers plant for bees.

  • Encourages bee friendly farmers to invite beekeepers to place hives on their land for forage.

  • Collaborates with lead scientists and other supporters involved in honey bee and native pollinator research.

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