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Monarch Wings Across America

With generous support from The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation, Pollinator Partnership will be working to create a network of monarch habitat, beginning in Ohio, with an innovative project called Monarch Wings Across Ohio. Monarch Wings Across Ohio’s goals are to develop regionally specific monarch habitat planting lists that will be scientifically tested and trialed in farm, urban, garden, corporate and municipal settings. Once planting recommendations have been established for Ohio, Monarch Wings Across the US will be launched. We need to raise an additional $37,000 over the next year to get Monarch Wings Across the US off the ground – and you can help!

Donate today for monarchs and we will double your gift with a match!

Donate today for monarchs and we will double your gift with a match!

Are Monarchs at Risk?

Each fall millions of monarch butterflies migrate to overwintering sites in Mexico and to a scattering of locations along the coast of California. In the spring monarchs return to breeding areas and the cycle starts again: a two-way migration that is one of the most spectacular onthe planet. Yet, this migration appears to be declining.

Researchers are working to determine the causes of this decline; some theories include:

• Loss of milkweed needed for monarch caterpillars to grow and develop, due to habitat conversion and adverse land management
• Drought conditions in California and other areas in the western U.S., resulting in lower milkweed biomass, and reduced availability of milkweed late in the summer
• Insecticide and herbicide use to control insects and weeds, with unintended consequences for monarchs
• Overwintering habitat loss and degradation in California, due to development within and adjacent to overwintering groves, and decay of overwintering trees as they age
• Habitat loss in overwintering sites in Mexico, due to illegal logging

Excerpts taken from the Protecting Monarchs brochure.

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