Campaña para la Protección de los Polinizadores en América del Norte


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    Wednesday, October 20, 2010
      Pollinators and North American Priorities:
    Why Pollinators Matter: Benefits, Challenges, and Outcomes

    USDA Jefferson Auditorium
    1400 Independence Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20250-0002
    Metro Station Smithsonian
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    USDA Whitten Patio Evening Reception
    14th St SW & Independence Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20560
    Metro Station Smithsonian
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    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    NAPPC Partners Meeting
    USDA Whitten Building Patio
    14th St SW & Independence Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20560
    Metro Station Smithsonian
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    National Geographic Society Evening Reception

    1145 17th Street NW
    Washington DC 20036
    Metro Station Farragut North
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    Friday, October 22, 2010
      NAPPC Partners Meeting
    USDA Whitten Building Patio
    14th St SW & Independence Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20560
    Metro Station Smithsonian
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    A limited number of discounted rooms are available at the Holiday Inn - Capitol on a first come first served basis. If interested, please contact Jennifer Tsang directly at Please do not contact the hotel.

    Holiday Inn Capitol (hotel link-
    550 C Street SW
    Washington, DC 20024
    Metro Station L'Enfant Plaza
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    The closest airport to the NAPPC Conference venues is Reagan National Airport.
    Alternate airports include Dulles International Airport
    and Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

    D.C. Area Taxi Companies:
    Airport Access         (202) 498-8708
    Capitol Cab              (202) 546-1974
    Diamond Cab          (202) 387-2221
    Yellow Cab                (202) 829-4222
    Yellow Cab (2)          (202) 544-1212
    Super Shuttle            1-800-BLUEVAN

    Metro Map:
    D.C. Area Map:

    Parking on Independence Avenue opens at 6:30 p.m. Parking also available on Jefferson Drive on the Mall, a short block north of Independence Avenue. Jefferson Drive is one-way from west to east.
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    Day Events: Business Casual
    Evening Receptions: Business


    NAPPC participants are welcome to bring materials to display or to give away at the Conference (incl. papers, brochures, handbooks, buttons, or other giveaways - remember they will all have to go through the metal detector). If you have items to sell (i.e. books or other materials), we encourage you to bring a display copy (clearly marked “Display Copy”), and include information on how participants may order a copy. Materials are not permitted to be sold inside government buildings.


    The following ground rules provide a statement of how we propose to work together at the upcoming Conference.  These ground rules have been reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee as part of Conference planning.  We request that you carefully review these prior to the meeting. Please call Laurie Adams directly at 415.362.1137 to discuss any questions or comments you might have, or if you feel that for any reason you cannot participate in adherence to these guidelines.  Thanks for your attention to these ground rules.

    Communication Among Participants
    The success of all projects depend upon open communication and cooperation.  Therefore, the following guidelines will apply:

    • Each person is asked to fully participate in the Conference deliberations.  The Task Force Chair(s) will ensure that all participants who want to contribute to discussions are allowed the time to do so. Therefore, participants are requested not to dominate the discussions; if this occurs the Task Force Chair(s) will intervene to ensure all parties have a chance to talk.
    • The Steering Committee has identified certain subjects that have the potential to sidetrack progress on moving the Action Plan forward.  Due to the limited time we have together at the Conference, genetically modified organisms and collections versus observation will not be discussed during the Conference.
    • Any concerns about the conduct of the deliberations or the issues being discussed should be fully aired to the Task Force Chair(s) or the Steering Committee Members in private if appropriate to ensure that the deliberations are effective and positive.  NAPPC participants should feel free to work collabratively and openly. Please respect all prospectives. Disagreements or conflicts will be addressed as issues to be resolved rather than battles to be won.
    • Any commitments made should not be taken lightly and follow through will be expected. Committees and Task Forces will be facilitated and recorded by volunteer participants.

    Meeting Record or Summary
    The Task Force reports, prepared by the groups themselves, will form the updated NAPPC Action Plan for the coming year.  There will be no formal transcript of this meeting.