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Peter Berthelesen Farm Videos

This video image is of an area that is managed for high diversity and pollinator habitat. In the video that was shot in July 2011, you will be able to see in bloom: Canada Tickclover, Common Milkweed, Alfalfa, False Sunflower, Grayhead Coneflower, Illinois Bundleflower, Entire-leaf Rosinweed and Wild Bergamot.

In this video shot in May 2011, a CRP planted field planted in 2006 is being sprayed with a grass-selected herbicide following a prescribed burn that was conducted in April 2011.  The grass-selected herbicide is being used to control invasive cool-season grasses like smooth brome and Kentucky bluegrass that are encroaching in the stand and out competing the more desirable grasses and wildflowers.
This video filmed in July 2011 shows a CRP field that was planted in 2006, had a prescribed burn applied to it in April 2011 and then a herbicide application applied to it in May 2011.  The results of those management activities were to create a grass stand that has a balance of grasses and forbs, is providing great wildlife habitat and is fulfilling the needs of a wide variety of pollinator species, including those that requires area of bare ground for nesting sites. 
When used correctly, prescribed fire and grazing can be two of the best management tools available for creating and enhancing pollinator habitat. In this image, the field shown in the ‘CRP and Pollinator Habitat’ video is being managed with a prescribed burn being conducted in April 2011. Be sure to view the ‘CRP and Pollinator Habitat’ video to see what the end results are.