Native Bees 2011 Poster

Explore and learn about the pollinators on the Native Bees poster!

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1. Macropis nuda.

2. Agapostemon texanus. US sweat bee

3. Peponapis pruinosa. Squash and gourd bees

4. Bombus impatiens. The Impatient Bumble Bee

5. Osmia lignaria. The Blue Orchard Bee

6. Hylaeus sp.

7. Habropoda laboriosa. The Southeastern Blueberry Bee

8. Xylocopa varipuncta. The Valley Carpenter Bee

9. Bombus morrisoni. Morisson’s bumble bee

10. Perdita minima.

11. Xylocopa virginica. Eastern Carpenter Bee

12. Bombus vosnessenskii.

13. Bombus affinis.

14. Megachile sp. Leafcutter bees

15. Andrena cornelli. Miner bees

16. Anthophora centriformis. Digger bees, or anthophorids

17. Nomada sp. The Wandering Cuckoo Bee

18. Augochorella pomoniella. Sweat bees

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