Project Wingspan General Habitat Survey Habitat Wanted!

Are you committed to long-term conservation and habitat management for monarchs, rusty patched bumble bees, and other native pollinators?

Are you interested in enhancing the public or private lands you manage?

Are you interested in participating in a collaborative landscape level effort to save our vital pollinators and the native habitat they depend on?

If so, please fill out the preliminary survey below to apply for program participation.

We are working to identify habitat areas on public, private, tribal, ROW, corporate, municipal, conservation, educational, and other lands throughout AR, IL, MI, MN, and WI. Once vetted, sites can be registered for program participation and some sites will be selected to receive native plant material awards to support habitat creation and enhancement projects.

Please Note:

1. If you entered a habitat area through the 2017-2018 Monarch Wings Across Eastern Broadleaf Forest survey or the 2019 Project Wingspan survey, Please Do Not Duplicate acreage entries here. (However, if you have added new acreage to the previously registered habitat, the new area can be entered here).

2. Habitat areas need to be a MINIMUM of 1 (one) acre in size to enter the survey, with the following exceptions:

a) Collaborative community entries may be possible under the umbrella of a single collective group where all participants are committed to long-term habitat management. Please contact Elizzabeth Kaufman ( directly for additional information.

b) SCHOOLS and Educational Centers with less than an acre available may still be eligible for native plant material awards for demonstration habitat areas through obtaining a recommendation from a participating program partner, (see PW home page for listed core and satellite partners).

Thank you!